So, we're finally updating. Hopefully it'll be semi-permanent. There were a couple of little things, like me dropping out of school and moving back in with my parents, and attempting to get a job. So, that was part of it. Arthur was "busy". I don't really like what that implies.

-Parker, Widely regarded as the most awesome anything ever.

11-06-08: Yeah, still no update

"Comic is underway, rest assured. Hell was kinda all too familar, so I returned early. Apologies for any of you who are slashing wrists due to lack of update. Soon, we will ease your pain. If not, Parker promises that he'll kill you relativly painfully so that your tragic life musn't continue to plague you. Have a pleasant tomorrow."

-AMK, Your doodler and psychic phone fwend

10-24-08: Where the hell is mah update?

So, as shaky as our update schedule is, we are going to take a so called "Break" this week. Parker's got a bunch of papers he needs to plagiarize, I'm busy watching South Park and doing my college app essays, and DoomBunny is in rehab. All in all, we're swamped this week. I apologize for the inconvenience; cutting yourself is NOT the solution (at least in this instance). I strongly recommend Fluoxetine, and checking our site for a possibe cast page being posted. Put down the knife.

-AMK, drawing elf, co-author, and Slagathor trainer

10-7-08: The Deal

So, that was fun, wasn't it? Don't bother responding; ignorance is bliss. In any case, the story arc that introduces my delicious character, DoomBunny, is done with! So, me and Parker are gonna be doing one-shot gag comics for a while. This way, we can torment ourselves with coming up with a new premise with each and every comic! Do tune in Wendsday, as it is likely to be when the next comic will be up. I'd like to thank the academy, and all you unfortunate victims that continue to read my nonsense.

-AMK, Head Doodler and Co-Author

So, uh, Arthur still hasn't gotten the comic to me. Judging by what he said, he ought to be done tomorrow and it'll take me at least 24 hours to color it. So, in reality, we're looking at a Saturday update at the latest. Yes, we're very sorry. Maybe we'll overupdate sometime to make up for it

- Parker "Phaetor" Sipe

We finally updated. Anyway, from now on, we're updating Wednesdays. I have to say, I'm pretty excited about it. Yeah, um, email me and such if you like/hate/read the comic. Really, any feedback would be nice.

- Parker "Phaetor" Sipe